identity development in adolescence short discussion post

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James Marcia extended Erikson’s work on identity crisis with the concepts of identity diffusion, identity foreclosure, identity moratorium, and identity achievement.

To complete this discussion, apply one or more of these concepts to an area of life challenge, such as choosing a college major or career, or participating in significant relationships.

Describe the life challenge.

Describe one or more of Marcia’s concepts. 

  • How does this concept explain or apply to the life challenge?
  • How is culture or ethnicity important to adolescent identity development?

Does culture and ethnicity have an effect on this area of life challenge?

  • In addition, in your post:
  • Either: Refer to and integrate ideas presented in the text and supplemental information. Cite the textbook or other unit resources at least twice within your discussion.
  • Or: Cite at least one scholarly resource from the Capella library to support your discussion. Do not use popular media sources such as Wikipedia or

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