marketing plan 139

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1、Do a SWOT, OK to bullet point the items

2、Describe the target segment you selected to address, use terms like demographics, geographic etc

3、Identify the type of product, consumer, industrial, convenience good etc.

4、Explain the extended product

5、Define the integrated marketing communications program(promotions), be specofic as to what kind of TV shows, newspaper, sales promotions etc.

6、Identify the one type of pricing objective you are using and explain why

7、Show any promotional pricing

8、Identify the type of distribution as direct and/or indirect, the type of distribution strategy as intensive etc. if it’s a consumer product and then explain the distribution examples you would use.

9、Put each topic in a separate section with its own heading such as Market Segmentation, Product, Extended Product etc.

10、Be specific in your plan. Assume it must be actionable by someone else. No generalizations. I am looking for all of the above topics and others discussed in class. Your plan must be logical and make sense. It dose not have to be “factually” correct. This is not a research paper or a term paper, it is an example of a brief marketing plan.

11、Remember you can show me prices of the plan as we complete the topics in class. This will insure you get the best grade possible when you submit the final project.

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