help with week 10 assignment

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Hi, I was wondering if you could possibly help me with an assignment that is due on Wednesday 11/13/19? See below for assignment requirements/details. Thank you.

Step 1:

Below are links to two pairs of musical examples. Please listen to all four of these musical examples. For the piece by Caroline Shaw, you are only required to listen to Movement 3, and for the piece by Arnold Schoenberg, you are only requested to listen to Movement 1. For the other two, listen to the entire selection.

Pair #1

Jean Jacques Arcadelt, “Il bianco e dolce cigno”

Movement 3, “Courante” from Partita for 8 Voices by Caroline Shaw

Pair # 2

“Die Forelle” by Franz Schubert

Movement 1, “Moondrunk” from Pierrot Lunaire by Arnold Schoenberg

Step 2:

Now pick either Pair #1 or Pair #2, and analyze them according to the criteria below:

In a few sentences, describe your first impressions of each musical example. What strikes you as particularly interesting (or uninteresting!) about the music?

Next, using musical terminology from Chapter 5, in one or two well-organized paragraphs, compare and contrast the two examples from a purely musical perspective. Be sure to discuss similarities and differences in at least four of the following areas: instrumentation, timbre, texture, melody, harmony, and musical form.

Finally, summarize your writing by thinking about how the musical elements from each piece “stimulates your senses.” The two musical examples in each pair sound very different and likely impact your senses in very different ways. Why? Do your best to link the composition of each musical example to its stimulation of your senses.

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