help putting a ding in the universe

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Review and analyze the following material:

Refer to the above material for your 3-4 paragraph discussion of the following:

  • What are the 5 innovator’s skills? Give a real example from the case studies given in the article for each skill.
  • Describe what is meant in the article by putting a “Ding in the Universe.” Who is specifically referred to to describe this motivation?
  • Reflect on your top learning experiences in this course. Share your most significant new realizations and skills. If you were to pick one or two of the 5 Innovator Skills from this article, what would they be and why? How will developing these skills further your learning after this course?

Thank you for persisting in this course! It has been a pleasure to facilitate your learning.

  • Deliverable for Week 8 Discussion Post Assignment
  • Type your 3-4 paragraph discussion directly into the text box or paste in the shared document link. Provide detailed explanations for your assertions, and use logic, research, and real-world examples to support your position. Use citations and references.
  • After your initial post, other students’ posts will become available for you to comment. Reply to at least two other students’ posts on the discussion board with at least 3-4 sentences of constructive feedback and new information/ideas. If you do not reply to other posts and comment on their proposal paragraphs, you will not receive full credit.

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