writing for health 6

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I just want you to write 150 words for health based on those things:

answers to this discussion may vary depending on your age and whether or not you are entering college right out of high school or later in life.

How prepared do you feel to deal with Intimate Partner Violence situations as discussed in your text (p. 85-90)? Regardless of your current relationship status, answer as if you were exploring new relationships at this time, which is often a common thing to do when entering college.

Do you feel you have received education in the past or currently that will help you to physically and emotionally handle a violent situation with a partner?

Do you know where to go for help and do you feel their are sufficient support services available to you on campus or in your community to assist you if needed?

What can be improved upon and added to help students know they can feel safe?

I will provide you the textbook pages also the text for reference

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