should we protect abortion

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Topic : Should we protect Abortion

-perspective about people who against and who support the idea of abortion

-biological insights of abortion

-How is related to feminist ideology and biology?

Prepare a PowerPoint (~10 min) presentation about your topic. This presentation is intended to educate your classmates on your chosen topic, and inspire discussion. It should focus on a bit of history of understanding, recent breakthroughs, ongoing research, and/or new information regarding your topic. Furthermore any controversy and gaps in current understanding should be included.

In approaching your topic, I encourage critical thinking and an approach that mirrors the Scientific Method (Observation, Question, Hypothesis, to set up the topic). Then you can proceed with presenting relevant information that supports and refutes your hypothesis.

You may work in groups of 1-3 students per group. Each member of a group should contribute equally during the presentation. Visual aids such as PowerPoint presentations and/or handouts are strongly encouraged. The lab computer and projector will be available. Students will not be allowed to use their own computers. Please share your assignment with me ( through Drive before class Fri Nov 22.
Timing of the presentation is based on the number of students per group: Presentation length:
1 Student 5 minutes
2 Students 9 minutes
3 Students 13 minutes
Component Goals Possible Points
Content Topic is relevant to Biology and of interest to the audience. Biological background information, accurate information and biology, sufficient depth of information, source or web link included for all outside information used 10
Organization Smooth and timely slide transition, Presentation flowed in logical manner: Set up problem/question, present evidence and explain biology to address problem/question, Strong clear conclusion based on material presented – Font and diagrams are easily readable. 5
Audience interaction Presentation includes an effective audience activity 2
Presentation/Audience Engagement Speak loudly/clearly, Be articulate, Face and look at the audience, Don’t distract with unrelated movement such as jingling keys 4
Audience Attentive and professional during other presentations 4
Total 25

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