organization report 4 pages purpose to give you an understanding of how and why groups function in our society please follow the temple i chose the international rescue committee in the united states 1

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Hi there!

please fill up the empty temple that i will provide. I’m doing an origination report. I chose the IRC in the united state and the IRC in San dago California. you need to porvide 3 peer review sources and thats on of them

“International Rescue Committee (IRC).” International Rescue Committee (IRC),

plsre foces on this section

IV. Successes And Failures

A.Does Group Achieve Goals

B.How Could Group Improve

V. Personal Reaction

A.Would You Join

1. Why/Why Not

B.Should We Join

1. Why/Why Not.

use single space for the format.

use this to fill up . i will send the doument but this how it looks



Name of Group and its Location

Source(s) of Information

  • Group’s Background and History
  • Group’s Purpose
  • Group’s Style and Quality of Leadership
  • Successes And Failures
  • Personal Reaction
  • When Started
  • Who Started
  • How Started
  • Changes To Present
  • Why Started
  • Why Group Continues
  • Who Group Exists For
  • Democratic, Autocratic, Laissez-Faire
  • Organized or Loosely Structured
  • Situational – Does Leader’s Style Fit the Group
  • Would You Join
  • Should We Join
  • Financial Backing
  • Members – how many and the target audience
  • Democratic – people have say in what goes on, but leader is obvious
  • Autocratic – leader has all the power
  • Laissez-Faire – leader lets people have total control of group
  • Why/Why Not
  • Why/Why Not
  • Does Group Achieve Goals
  • How Could Group Improve

Note: Parts IV and V are very important and must be 1/3 of your report.
So, please, be specific and give examples as to why you view the group as positive or negative.

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