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For your assignment, you will conduct an exercise in which you break a folkway, a norm governing everyday behavior. Then, you will complete a worksheet by answering a series of questions about your experiment. You can break the norm with family members or friends only.

Please pick one of the following social norms to break for this assignment:

  1. Proximity norms — sit or stand too close or too far from people (friends or family only).
  2. Food norms — eat non-finger foods with your fingers, or eat with the wrong utensils.
  3. Clothing norms — wear your clothes backwards or inside out, wear socks with sandals, wear sunglasses indoors, wear a funny hat or costume, or wear casual clothing to a formal event or formal clothing to a casual event.

Once you have selected a social norm, you will download and complete the worksheet by clicking here. Save all of your work to the worksheet, and submit it in Blackboard for grading.

(Tip: Textbook material to help guide you through the assignment is found in Chapter 6, page 130 and pages 132-135.)

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