research paper on linux commands and using linux must be detailed

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Task 1: You will need to write an 8 page, APA style research paper covering the following:

• Penetration testing methodology overview • Host discovery • External host enumeration • Exploit research o This section must also include payload generation o This section must also detail the difference between reverse/bind shells • Script modification • Exploitation • Internal host enumeration • Privilege Escalation o In the event you do not land on the host as a high privilege account

You cannot use screenshots in this research paper, but you can provide example commands and provide insight on what actions those commands are performing.

For each topic you should detail a high-level overview of the importance of that phase, and how it contributes to the overall penetration test. You should also detail one or two tools per topic that contribute to that activity.

The paper must be in proper APA format, to include the following:

• Cover page • Abstract • Body • References

Your total paper submission must total no less than 8 pages, and shall be submitted in pdf format by the provided due date.

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