module 2 discussion reflective seminar 1

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Instructions for Discussion – You as a Team Member

How do/did you work in a volunteer, group or team situation?

Consider an example of yourself as a member of a team (as a volunteer, as a member of a church group or mission team, study group, or community group).

  1. What did you do in terms of interacting with others that went well?
  2. What did you do as you interacted with others that did not go well, or that had an unexpected effect?
  3. Looking back on the last example, how might you interact with people differently? (Give a specific example.)
  4. Describe the contextual influences (social, political, or environmental) in your example. Be sure to cite the readings from this week.

Grading Criteria

Post your initial answers to the question prompts above and then respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts (must be substantial, with more than “I agree” and “Great post,” type comments). Be sure to post early so your classmates have time to comment on your initial post.


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