gch300 healthy people 2020 topic paper medical product safety overprescription of antibiotics

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Main topic: medical equipment safety

Small/research topic: antibiotic over prescription and how it has led to antibiotic resistant

variable: intervention strategies

This is a research paper in APA FORMAT. An abstract is NOT required and I HAVE ALREADY DONE THE RESEARCH. I just need assistance with the writing portion. My professor didn’t include a rubric. She just said to basically summarize and asses the scholarly articles based off the topic. The main focus is the why it’s and issue and effective intervention strategies.

I’ve already written the introduction and cited the sources so please don’t include those parts unless you think you can write a better introduction. If you can, you are more than welcome to!!

Please only use the sources I have provided unless you can find another scholarly article (WITH A DOI) that can help further explain the topic.

I will be including a generous tip for top quality work and if you can finish it earlier than the given time frame.

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