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the paper instruction is attached, it’s going to analyzing Suffolk University and southern new hampshire university, you only need to write the external analysis part, around 3 pages, i already did some of the porter five forces analysis so you just edit it when you writing the paper.

external analysis:

Analyze the industry environment (Porter’s 5 forces analysis) [3 pages]

  • Porter’s Five Forces
  • Identify the strategic groups in the industry
  • How attractive is this industry at the current time? (Is it possible for incumbent organizations to sustain competitive advantage in this industry?)
  • Given the observed trends, what is your assessment of industry attractiveness over the longer term (5 to 10 years from now)?
  • Use outside research (articles, reports, news…) and cite them

Conclusion [0.5 pages]

  • Main implications regarding the profitability of the industry
  • Major opportunities for this industry? Major threats? Name 2 for each

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