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try to write 150 simple words for each question.

plz try only to use simple words

it is a supply chain trans mgmt class I need an expert tutor to do this assighment…

6/ international transportation

  1. Top transportation companies are in Europe, Asia, and North America, while most Fortune 500 large companies are based in North America. Why?
  2. Look at the transportation modal split in 2035 by tons, cargo value, and ton-miles. What does this slide tell you about characteristics of each transportation mode?
  3. What are the trends in air transportation as you look at the growth in air travel and air cargo? Why?
  4. What can you tell about international trade and economic activities from the slides on ocean shipping flows and the busiest ports in the world?
  5. What do you think are happening in terms of U.S. national transportation patterns after the Panama Canal expansion? In other words, what are the changes of cargo movements once more ports on the East coast are opening up?


7/ railrouds

Discussion questions:

  1. Rail carries more tons/ton miles as a percentage of all transportation modes in the US than in Europe. Why?
  2. Watch then summarize the main points in the short promo video by the Aberdeen Carolina & Western Railway.
  3. What are the benefits of the Alameda Corridor and the new Alameda East, from the perspectives of shippers, carriers, and residents?
  4. What are the advantages of rail over truck? Could you also explain the faster growth in intermodal shipping (especially rail-truck) in recent years?

do not use world ducument just answer each question and send them throw the chat.

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