answer 2 discussion board questions 100 words a piece and write a 200 word essay on nutrition facts 1

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Please see attachments for book chapters

Discussion 1 Ethics in research 100 words

Our Week Two material explores the rules for ethical research. After completing the assigned chapters and lectures, identify an event from the past when research did not follow ethical guidelines. For your opening thread, share a link to the event you found and explain what happened. Then discuss why ethical research is so important. Why do scientists need to be extra careful with research that uses human subjects? Do ethical guidelines restrict the boundaries of research? Feel free to explain by using the textbook or by doing additional research online. Remember to cite your sources.

Discussion 2 Science Reporting 100 words

This week’s assigned reading went over the value of specific types of data. For this week’s discussion forum, look through your favorite news sources and identify an article on science reporting. Your example should summarize a scientific article by explaining the goal of the project, its findings, and the reporter’s take on the project. Remember to cite your source.

After providing this summary, analyze the project itself. Are there any weaknesses in this experiment? Use the textbook to discuss potential problems in sample size, variables, collection errors, assumptions, or bias.

Assignment 3 Milestone Two – Submitting Your Data Set 200 words

Compile and present the data that will inform your project. Examples: pie charts, bar charts, line charts, column charts, poll results, survey results, trend graphs, timelines, raw data table, summary table, narrative summary table, etc. Briefly introduce your data, present your data, then write a 200-word explanation of the data type and why this type of data is beneficial for your project. Example data types: primary, secondary, qualitative, quantitative, categorical, mixed, cross-sectional, longitudinal, etc. Incorporate concepts and key terms from the course. Use APA format for presenting data and include appropriate citations and references.

Note – Do not draw conclusions or make inferences about the data in this assignment. Only introduce the data, present the data and describe what type of data it is and why it is beneficial to your research. You will analyze the data in week 5.


Compile various poll results into a bar graph.

Compile multiple financial results to develop a trend graph.

Annotate studies in a narrative summary table.

Create a timeline graph of historical events.

Develop a bar graph of demographics.

Compile raw data into a table.

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