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International Marketing Project

I chose Jamaica to write about.

For our final project I will be asking you to write four to five page (single-spaced) argumentative essay on the feasibility of entering The country market of Jamaica. The product you are to work with is the hypothetical film “Nemo: The Sequel”. This film will be patterned on the original animated “Nemo”.  Essentially what you are being asked to do is to select a country market and comment on potential adaptations to the product, promotion, pricing, and distribution strategy in your chosen market. The Country Notebook exercise is a good starting point to analyzing demand for a product. In your essay you should incorporate at least 10 different references from this list. Use a citation format as follows: The population of China is 1.3 billion (CIA Factbook) and include a list of references at the end.

Hollywood films in general and animated films for children in particular are very popular throughout the world. On average, film makers anticipate that the international market for theatrical showings, DVDs, and related film merchandise is at least five times the gross revenue of the film in the USA market. It is typical for major releases from a studio like Disney to easily exceed these estimates.

As you think about your country market and the challenges and opportunities it represents for this product you may want to consider some of the following issues:

How large is the population?

What percentage of the population might be considered a potential viewer? Is the age distribution of the population favorable to our product?

What is the per capita income of the population? What is the Purchasing Power Parity income of the population?

What is the exchange rate vs. the US$? Provide a chart of the exchange rate over the past 5 years.

Are there special marketing considerations based upon the typical family composition? How many children are in the average family? Are extended family living situations typical in the country or is the nuclear family a more dominant trend?

Is the country largely urban or rural? Urbanized populations have much easier access to movie theaters.

What is the percentage of households that have televisions? The presence of TVs may allow us to market DVDs of the film.

What is the level of technological development?

Will our copyright be upheld? Is the country a signatory to the Paris Convention? Is intellectual piracy going to be a problem?

Is the legal system patterned on common or civil law or some other system? How would you characterize the governmental system – is it a democracy or an authoritarian system?

Will we have to dub the film in another language? Is there more than one language in the country?

What is the literacy rate? Should we focus our advertising on TV or newspapers or billboards or some other means?

Is there anything in the country’s history, geographical location, religion, or culture that might make it difficult to market the film?

Analyze the country utilizing Hofstede’s national characteristics. How will cultural differences affect viewer response?

Does the country produce films? If so what type? Does it have a history of importing films and TV? What can be said about the country’s cultural history in the arts, literature, film, music? How might this impact viewership?

Based on your analysis of the economy, what should admission prices be? Why?

Based on your analysis, how many tickets will be sold? Describe your analysis and justify your estimate.

Do you think we should market “Nemo: The Sequel” in your market? 

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