business communications 3 questions

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Answer these questions


  1. Recently you had an autobiography assignment (email) which required you use direct message protocols. For question #1 please write a purpose statement that would accurately introduce the autobiography you sent me.
  2. In complete sentences, provide 3 examples of workplace messages you will have to write to your boss or to co-workers and explain why these 3 are indeed direct messages.
  3. In a short paragraph explain why a memo to all employees from your boss announcing the specific parking procedure for employees to follow beginning on a specific date is a direct message.

Just need short sentences not too long.


For question# 1 here is my autobiography that I sent:


I have been here in the United States for two years. When I came here I started to learn English as a second language. I’ve taken writing classes here at ***, such as, RWS92, LING100, and LING200, and my experience in writing has been improved from these classes. My fears are that I’m learning English as a second language and I’m not familiar with the business communication, since I’ve never worked and I don’t have any experience. One thing about me that I prefer to use my laptop in the class, because it helps me a lot with spelling and translating words that I don’t know to get a better knowledge.


thank you

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