econ homework 27

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Essay (10 points):


1.  Various strategies have been advocated and used to promote LDC development. Identify and describe three major LDC development strategies or perspectives. Describe the successful parts of each of the three strategies. Now describe the failures associated with each of the three strategies. For most LDCs today, which strategy seems best? Explain.




Research (6 points for #2 and 4 points for #3):


2.   Elections are under way for the European Parliament. There are over 700 members of parliament (MEPs). What are the main tasks of the European Parliament? What are some current critisms of the Parliament?


3.     What is “the Washington consensus”?




Extra Credit (5 points):


Find the Human Development Index (HDI). It is published by the United Nations. List and rank the 10 nations with the highest HDIs. Where is the U.S. ranked? Cite your exact reference and include a date.

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