watch movie and answer follow

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Choose a film posted on Content Tab, discuss the image of Jesus that the film makers put forward and how this reflects contemporary culture. Discuss the images of those who seek to follow Christ in these films and what these images reflect about what it means to follow Jesus today. Students should include the specific challenges involved in imitating Jesus in the culture in which they live. The paper should be four to five-written pages. Please use standard margins, ten or twelve point font, and a standard font.  
This worksheet is the template to develop your paper. Paper needs to be double spaced, proper citation style (Chicago or APA), reference list at the end, proper paragraph division, first line indented. The rubrics in your syllabus explain how this paper will be graded.


Which Gospel does the screenwriter appear to depend upon more for their portrait of Jesus in the film? Cite specific examples from the film to support your answer.


I chose the movie Nativity film 

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