argument essay it has be valid argument see description

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I want you to write an argument Essay it has to be a valid argument. Any subject that you want to write about. You can write about an any issue in any subject that address your position. You are actually supposed to give an argument for position that you have on this issue, keep in mind that you need to address an issue not a topic. Example: - Religion is a topic, but whether people have a good reason for thinking that God is exist that is actually an issue within the topic of religion. So what I want you to do is to address an issue not a topic (specific the issue). The more specific the issue the better. Do not overly ambitious by trying resolve some grand question you cannot do that in 3 pages paper. To make it easy for you, address a very specific issue under the atopic, and then talk about specifically.
Here what I want you to do 12-font size, Times New Romine 1 inch margin on each side, it has to be 3 pages and the (4th page the work cited page), no pros or cons and I will do the title page
What do you do on the first page?
On the first half of the first page it supposed to be for your introduction. I am looking for two things on your introduction. 
First, you need to identify the issue that you want to address.
Second, you need to identify your position on that particle issue. You can use “I” as much as you want because you arguing for your own position.
On The Second half of first page and second page etc.
Should be for your promises. “Whatever state your position should be on your conclusion and mention it in interdiction for sure”. You should have 2-3 promises and 1 paragraph per promise. You need to identify an objection that directly challenges at least one of your premises. When consider an objection you need to apply a principle of charity which mean “you try to present your point of view and argument the best way you can”. After you give an objection you need to give a response. Finally, do not forget to use a counter argument.
Sources you can choose**

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