do 400 700 word paper gap analysis define gaps analyis and expand behind three question wher

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600 – 800 word paper on Gap Analysis .


Define Gap analysis in the intro. (I’m donig a gap analysis on Customer Service, Environment Sustainabitly and Techonology. somehow introuduce this in the intro as a lay out what the rest of my project will be).

Gap analysis is a very basic tool for reviewing an organization’s position. It is based
on three questions:
1. Where are we now?
2. Where do we want to get to?
3. How can we get there


Expand or analize the three  stated questions above. state The purpose of the question and  the benefits in a business environment. (body of the paper to focust on the three questons)


and in the conclusion to state Gap analysis on technology, environment sustainbility and Technology .


I’ll send you the info off the book I’m using so you can cite some out of my text.


I need at least three references and citation








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